Great Independent Direct-to-Artist Christmas Gifts!

Having trouble figuring out a good authentic Montana Gift….

Here is a couple of my favorites:

1. Glacier Park Magazine – Incredible photos and writing from Chris, no ads, profits direct to the artist, authentic unfiltered Glacier Park!

2. Mission Mountain Wood Band – Private Stash
Probably the most famous band in Montana, these guys jammed with some of the biggest acts in the day, playing NYC across the country, great PBS documentary out. You can get a 5-disk set and pick your vintage 1970, 1978, New York, Cali, on tour, Polson on the waterfront!

~ by sunpointpress on December 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Great Independent Direct-to-Artist Christmas Gifts!”

  1. Does your Company publish books?

    • Sun Point Press is my private label and I plan to publish more books in the future:) I have several projects in development. Cheers. -Russ

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