Happy Summer Folks

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Welcome to this old page and thanks for interest in this little label. Fate Is A Mountain is still available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, so please order a copy, its a great set of tales.

Here in Montana one thing that doesn’t change, thankfully, is the mountains, they stay there, even when you can’t get to them, but thanks to good folks they should be there for your children, and mind.

I recently updated Fishing Glacier National Park and things are good in the park overall, with bull trout coming back in some areas and the vast amount of the park still un crowded. Fishing is still a do it yourself thing but than means less competition in backcountry of course. My most recent visit was Upper Two Medicine Lake, caught a nice lake trout on a wet fly. Did well at Oldman Lake recently too. The Flathead River has been fishing good, but crowds are down a bit from the peaks during restrictions in other states. Montana and Glacier are still a jewel to read about.


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The Reynolds Fire had its way with the Saint Mary Valley this summer, but if you want to know more about the Sun Camp Ranger Station and the historic buildings, pick up a copy of Fate Is A Mountain. Cheers.

Moving In to Sun Camp

At the start of the summer the Sun Point Ranger Station needed a little loading, back in the day.

Welcome to Summer 2014

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Summer is fast approaching, and we hope to see you on the trails! Whether it’s in the valleys of Saint Mary or on the shores of Cosley Lake, enjoy exploring the untouched Glacier National Park. Perhaps you could take along Fate is a Mountain 🙂

Welcome to our little page

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Fate Is A Mountain and Through the Years are still available through major online outlets and locally in Glacier National Park. Drop us a note if you need help getting a copy. Cheers.

G. George has a few nice words about the Parratts and Fate

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The mountaineer’s lunch

G. GEORGE OSTROM / For the Hungry Horse News Sort of promised family members I would not tell anyone what happened on my 82nd birthday last Saturday; however … it is the only recent happening that seems like column material, so will make an honest disclosure after providing a brief background.

GMS stands for Glacier Mountaineering Society. That group is mostly Montana people but has other members all over the U.S. and Canada, hundreds of ’em. What holds them together is a character abnormality. They have overpowering urges to climb horrendous Glacier National Park peaks so they can collapse on the very tippy top, stare in all directions then stagger back down, beat to a bloody frazzle and badly in need of liquids. In the ’70s there were just a few people, but numbers have grown at an alarming rate.

For more of this story, click on or type the URL below:


Through the Years in Glacier National Park – Back in Print

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Through the Years is available for spring orders. This Glacier Park Classic is back in print, just in time for Centennial Celebrations. Cheers, -Russ

Mark to Speak at Glacier Mountaineering Society Annual Meeting

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Mark has been confirmed as a speaker at the Annual Meeting of the Glacier Mountaineering Society, 11:30 AM Saturday, July 24, at the Glacier Park Lodge in East Glacier. Mark will discuss his critically acclaimed book Fate Is A Mountain and sign copies.


Get your spring orders for Fate in!

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If you ordered last year, drop me an email with how many copies you want this year and I’ll have them directly shipped to your business. You can also order directly through Ingram wholesale if you prefer.


Coming in 2010 Sun Point Historic Reprints

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I am pleased to announce that Sun Point Press will be bringing the longtime classic Through the Years in Glacier National Park back in print after being out of print since 1967. This classic is just in time for those reminiscing about the centennial.

Happy New Year!

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2009 was a great year for this little publishing endeavor. 2010 will see a couple new projects that I am working. Sun Point Press will likely stick with Glacier Park related historical books in the coming new year. Cheers, -Russ