G. George has a few nice words about the Parratts and Fate

The mountaineer’s lunch

G. GEORGE OSTROM / For the Hungry Horse News Sort of promised family members I would not tell anyone what happened on my 82nd birthday last Saturday; however … it is the only recent happening that seems like column material, so will make an honest disclosure after providing a brief background.

GMS stands for Glacier Mountaineering Society. That group is mostly Montana people but has other members all over the U.S. and Canada, hundreds of ’em. What holds them together is a character abnormality. They have overpowering urges to climb horrendous Glacier National Park peaks so they can collapse on the very tippy top, stare in all directions then stagger back down, beat to a bloody frazzle and badly in need of liquids. In the ’70s there were just a few people, but numbers have grown at an alarming rate.

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