Happy Summer Folks

Welcome to this old page and thanks for interest in this little label. Fate Is A Mountain is still available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, so please order a copy, its a great set of tales.

Here in Montana one thing that doesn’t change, thankfully, is the mountains, they stay there, even when you can’t get to them, but thanks to good folks they should be there for your children, and mind.

I recently updated Fishing Glacier National Park and things are good in the park overall, with bull trout coming back in some areas and the vast amount of the park still un crowded. Fishing is still a do it yourself thing but than means less competition in backcountry of course. My most recent visit was Upper Two Medicine Lake, caught a nice lake trout on a wet fly. Did well at Oldman Lake recently too. The Flathead River has been fishing good, but crowds are down a bit from the peaks during restrictions in other states. Montana and Glacier are still a jewel to read about.

~ by sunpointpress on September 6, 2022.

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