Sun Point Press is Russ Schneider’s publishing label for producing titles that deserve full artistic attention and control not afforded by national publishing outlets.

The first title under the Sun Point Press label was the long-awaited Glacier Park historical adventure, Fate Is A Mountain: From the shores of Saint Mary Lake to the top of Going to the Sun Mountain, Fate follows the Parratt Family in Glacier Park from 1950 to 1964.

This project began as a collaboration between the Parratt brothers, Mark and Monty.
With Monty’s untimely death in 2001, Mark made a commitment to complete this notable project. The Parratts were one of the last families to occupy the Sun Camp Ranger Station on Glacier’s Saint Mark Lake. In a state of disrepair from the ravages of time and weather, it was removed by the park service.

The book includes true stories that create a beautiful window into the days when the park service was not just a community, but a family unto itself.

From genuine, life-changing adventures with grizzlies to daring high mountain rescues, amazing fishing stories and humorous tales of a family’s mishaps nature, Fate captivates the reader from start to finish…a real page-turner.

With contributions from brothers Monty and Smitty Parratt, this work offers a unique perspective into a time and place often forgotten

2 Responses to “About”

  1. I very much enjoyed Fate is a Mountain! I’m going to recommend to Waterton booksellers that they sell this book next summer.
    BTW: I wonder if Mr. Parratt thinks that Old Man Dahl could be Arthur Dahl of Raymond or Magrath?

    • Chris thanks for the kind words. It would be great to see it in Waterton! Appreciate all the good history writing you do also! Thanks, -Russ

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